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Availability: I am not currently available
Locations: Europe (EEC Passport Holder), Switzerland (Federal B Permit), World-wide.
Business Sectors: Banking, Insurance, Bookmaking
Type of Contract Work: Advanced MS Access analysis and development work requiring a high level of initiative and flexibility. Preferred working environment will be as leader of a small, highly competent team implementing intelligent interfaces to SQL Server or Oracle server-based enterprise information.

Contacting Me...
Agencies are requested to contact me only where they have ensured an accurate skill-set match, and when I am either available for work, or within four weeks from the end of a contract.

Office Telephone:
Personal Telephone:
Office E-Mail:
Personal E-Mail:
+350 52508 (Gibraltar)
+350 46858 (Gibraltar)
+44 7710 132221 (UK)

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