WELCOME to the 1997 edition of my hompage.

Those of you with keen powers of observation will immediately notice one big change in this edition - I no longer make any reference to the month, as it has been over a year and a half since my last update. Of course, If I don't update it for just a little longer I suppose the millenium will do just as well...

I recently visited a very funny homepage. I know I couldn’t even begin to write as humorously as this author. The sad thing is that I was looking at my own May editorial.

After six months in Basel my sense of humour has been sapped by constant contact with the Swiss, whom I will probably start to find interesting soon. To counter the crushing boredom of the populace I've decided to take up dangerous sports. The last three months have seen me donating large portions of my skin to assorted rockfaces, accompanied by my intrepid climbing companions Simon "Spider" Hobbs (a reference to his looks, actually), Ralph "Human Pendulum" Pyne, and Simonne "My nail-varnish will be dry in a minute" Bosiers.

Next month I try free-fall skiing and breath-hold cave-diving.

Laugh? I nearly soiled my swivel chair...
when I stumbled upon
Pete, the Cat Who Looks Like Hitler. This one is a must-check-out.