The Ordish English Dictionary

Ordishism (n) : transposition of common or everyday phrases resulting in gibberish.

When attempting to impress a client:
"You’d be licking the hand that feeds you."
On an easily impressed colleague:
"He’s impressed by all the wrong things – the plush offices, the leather car that picks him up from the airport…"
Making a fine distinction:
"We need to approach this in a very slightly different way"
A novel approach to problem solving:
"I was scratching my brain over this last night"
The classic - When you’re making fast progress
"We’re really breaking wind now"
Something to do with demolitions we think...
"...But it was alright though because we were just blowing up the wrong tree"
LVS may soon be going pubic:
"We attract clients like shit to a magnet!"
When your back is against the wall?
"I fought him in the breeches!"
Displaying his sporting knowledge
"...for example, let's say you've got a Horse Race where Schumacher scores the First Goal' !!!"
The stoics view...
"better than a kick in the eye with a sharp stick"
Whilst trying to re-assure a client that the product will be delivered:
"Don't worry - it's all under hand!"
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