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IMGA0005.JPG (60364 bytes) Gibraltar

The view from my balcony. Life's a bitch and then you move

IMGA0015.JPG (94293 bytes) Antigua

The Halcyon Cove Hotel where I suffered a month long infrastructure implementation in August 2000

IMGA0022.JPG (99861 bytes) The pier at the Halcyon
IMGA0021.JPG (97011 bytes) The cove in the evening light
IMGA0028.JPG (101698 bytes) St Martin

After four straight weeks I needed a break. Unfortunately I'm just not destined to have any relaxing holidays, as those of you who know what happened will appreciate.

IMGA0034.JPG (56817 bytes)

The town hall in Philipsburg

IMGA0031.JPG (56868 bytes)

 Insult to injury - the hurricane clouds gather...

IMGA0050.JPG (51759 bytes) Kite surfing in Tarifa

Whatever anybody says this is brutally hard and more dangerous than anything since cave diving, or maybe tiger baiting

IMGA0051.JPG (104122 bytes) Oooooh is that a kite?
IMGA0052.JPG (96567 bytes) I'll hold you so you don't blow away
IMGA0053.JPG (100143 bytes)

Thanks, can you carry my board too?

IMGA0054.JPG (122960 bytes)

Jeanette tries to hide...

IMGA0068.JPG (108483 bytes)

So that's how it's done...

IMGA0073.JPG (105573 bytes) least by the pros....

IMGA0061.JPG (104943 bytes)


IMGA0009.JPG (97836 bytes) Climbing in Tarifa

Whatever anybody says this is brutally hard and more dangerous than anything since cave diving, or maybe kite boarding

IMGA0013.JPG (98274 bytes)

Hobbs is the ugly one on the left....

IMGA0014.JPG (116833 bytes)

...but he has great arms for taking photos of himself as well as climbing

IMGA0074.JPG (125703 bytes) Gibraltar

HMS Tireless running away....

IMGA0075.JPG (98078 bytes)

That is one hairy biker

IMGA0078.JPG (92474 bytes)

Who's a pretty boy then?

IMGA0001.JPG (95141 bytes) More monkeys

At the end of May the first new crop of babies arrive

IMGA0002.JPG (100212 bytes)

This one is about a week old...

IMGA0003.JPG (97448 bytes) ...and hungry...
IMGA0004.JPG (99022 bytes) his mother.
IMGA0006.JPG (115453 bytes) Iceland
After a couple of days in Reykjavik I travelled North through the interior on the F35 - a superb experience, but all the photos are on 35mm at the moment... It took the whole day to get to Holar near Saurkrkur where Lisa and Gavin live.
IMGA0005.JPG (102325 bytes) Turf church at Grf near Holar, in the north of Iceland. Lisa and Gavin pretending it's always this sunny
IMGA0007.JPG (100517 bytes) The view through the church gate towards the fjord
IMGA0008.JPG (98041 bytes) rarhfiis an island connected by two spits that form a salt water lagoon on one side. We drove along a pebble causeway to get there, and came back along the beach in a tenth of the time. This is where I found a puffin skull
IMGA0009.JPG (97285 bytes) Icelandic ponies are great - they are a really easy seat, and they have a fifth gait - the tolt which is like a fast sitting trot - there's more on them at - generally they are a lot of fun...
IMGA0010.JPG (118047 bytes) On a drive across a mountain pass heading towards lafsfjrur we stopped for a snowball fight on Einstakafjall... no summer holiday should be without one
IMGA0011.JPG (109631 bytes) Gavin and Lisa live in the White house on the right with a bunch over other research scientists, and general alcoholics. Food is expensive which must explain why there is always a dead bird or two in the fridge.
IMGA0014.JPG (99009 bytes) Hvteserkur, meaning white shirt is on the west coast of Hrafjrur. It looks impressive enough from the front, but if you look closely you will see that the whole thing is only about a meter thick.
IMGA0015.JPG (125890 bytes) The landscape on the peninsula at Hindisvk is breathtaking
IMGA0016.JPG (96750 bytes) These gulls of whatever type were mobbing me when I stopped at orvaldsfjall - I had to dive back into the jeep to escape after taking the shots below
IMGA0017.JPG (101421 bytes) The view looking South..
IMGA0018.JPG (101574 bytes) .. South West ...
IMGA0019.JPG (98483 bytes) ... East ...
IMGA0020.JPG (98993 bytes) and West towards the bridge where the birds attacked me
IMGA0021.JPG (113408 bytes) Lighthouse north of Hvammstangi, a small fishing village where I spent a night at a friendly guesthouse, Gistiheimili Hnnu Siggu which I'd recommend
IMGA0025.JPG (94382 bytes) I took the difficult route across Geldingafell between Br and the Hvammsfjrur, but the compensation was an amazing drive without seeing another soul for several hours. This waterfall was one of many amazing sights (and fording it a couple of meters upstream was a near seat-soiling experience)
IMGA0027.JPG (114233 bytes) The track leads into the Haukadalsvatn pass which is steeped in saga history. This turf hut at Eirksstair is where Eric the Red father of Lief the Lucky (Lief Eriksson) lived. Eriksson went on to discover the mobile phone, or something
IMGA0028.JPG (100617 bytes) Following Route 60 South to Route 1 will bring you to a group of volcanoes near Bifrst that are worth climbing for the views 
IMGA0029.JPG (104354 bytes) Looking North
IMGA0030.JPG (96305 bytes) The 'road' between Hvanneyri and ingvellir in West-Central Iceland offers some great views as well as more challenging driving if you opt for Route 508 running north of lake Skorradalsvatn rather than Route 52
IMGA0032.JPG (115480 bytes) ingvellir , the site of the historic open air parliaments. This is where two tectonic plates meet, and it is amazing to watch the forces of nature competing with the hoards of American tourists intent on stripping the area clean of any loose rock for souvenirs. One day the fissure may close in revenge...
IMGA0033.JPG (99140 bytes) If you're travelling between ingvellir  and Reykjavik take Route 360 - the route follows lake ingvallavatn  south, turning west at a poorly (as in not) marked junction. If you miss the junction then don't worry -  a detour into the valley of  Nesjavellir with its hot streams is well worth the effort. Look out for the lava field to the east.
IMGA0035.JPG (108458 bytes) The road back to Reykjavik
alicat.jpg (52250 bytes) Alison, who spell checks my work - I carry her bags for her ; )


"Ooh - look - you don't see many Puffins in Fulham"