RMLs Overlooking the Port of Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is one of those cities where you don't often want to get your camera out - unless of course you are being guided by a local who's primary aim is to get you into as many commission-paying shops as possible. As we had forsaken this protection in favour of finding our own way around we were able to stumble upon these two superb British RMLs (Rifled Muzzle Loaded), and I couldn't resist the opportunity to get a few digital stills. Then I quickly packed my video camera away from the many appreciating stares of the locals lazing above the battery, and bolted for the ferry back to Gibraltar...

I'm no expert, but I assume these date back to Tangiers day's as an International Port, and I'm guessing at 1890-1900 as the dates. These two guns are superbly preserved considering that they occupy a pretty-much derelict plot. Note the shell lying along the carriage-rail of 1799.  Anybody with more info would be welcome to mail me.

RML 1799 RML 1796
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