It was all happening last night at the Atlantic Bar and Grill

17 February 1996

To the delight of all assembled (particularly the guys) an unknown beauty took to the table tops in an uninhibited display of style and rhythm. Onlookers thronged to the restaurant area to watch the amazing Jocinda West, who is currently visiting England from Norway.

Onlookers booed bouncers who tried to move in and stop the entertainment, but shapely Jocinda, 25, was not in the least bit put out.

One gentleman present commented "Phwoarrrr! look at that cleavage" as Jocinda swayed away to the mellow tones of whatever bloody boring music they were playing at the time. Amazingly nobody was thrown out following the display, despite there being hundreds of people present who were totally unconnected to the dancing party, who the bouncers could have picked on. Probably something to do with the fact that we hadn't paid the bill yet.

This morning Jocinda was unavailable for comment, but her sister, Monique West, 15, in an exclusive interview with our reporter said "What time is it? God my head hurts."

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