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Hello There!

Welcome to my totally un-serious Home Page. This page will evolve over the next few months into an intriguing and entertaining insight into my personal life, and more interestingly, the personal lives of my friends. Enjoy these scandalous details of the comings and goings of the Dead Drunk Society as they happen (or at least very shortly afterwards), including titillating photographs when the censors permit. But be warned: if you surf over and find this page is covered with a large beach towel - sorry guys, but Herr Obergruppenfuhrer Deutchescourtencensorenschnitzel got here first!

Special News Items for the Inaugural Week:

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Note: The management accepts no responsibility for the views expressed here, which are clearly the product of a severely disturbed mind. If any comments herein offend please remember that they were probably meant to. You can address any complaints to Peter Strong via his email address, so he can have a good snigger over them, and probability publish them in the next edition.

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