29 March - Blue Mountains to Canberra

From Sydney I drove out to the Blue Mountains, and stopped off at Wentworth to hike down into the canyon for some breathtaking views. As I ascended back to the top a refreshing rain started to fall, which was great, but also meant that I couldn't see much for the rest of my drive up the valley - all clouds look the same from the inside...

As this was Easter weekend accommodation was scarce, but I managed to find a bed for the night in a sheep-shearers' shed. (Right) Mmmm - Luxury.

The following morning I drove out to join the rest of Sydney in queuing for the Jenolan Caves. After a couple of hours I got into the spectacular Orient system:

The room in the Megalong Valley Shearers' Shed

"now where did all those lovely sheep get to?"

The sheep looked beautiful. I told them so, but they still wouldn't come close enough for a cuddle.

From there it was a drive to Bathurst, travelling through the most beautiful countryside as the sun set

After overnighting at the Park hotel, Bathurst it was on to Cowra, site of a Japanese POW breakout which was detailed in the super little museum. From Cowra I stopped for lunch at Young, and then set out for Gundagai, home of the dog on the tuckerbox. No clichéd photos here.

Gundagai was built on a flood plain, despite the best advice of the Aborigines who had the benefit of 50,000 years experience of living in the area. Accordingly the town was swept away in 1852 with most of the inhabitants. Today two great old bridges span the flats (Left)

After Gundagai it was south to Tumut and then cross-country to Canberra via Cotter - a spectacular drive even if it was mostly by night along dirt tracks...
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