Welcome to the New-Look Sport Page, where I get to re-hash all the articles I covered in Travel - as if you hadn't noticed.
This is another opportunity for me to talk about myself and whinge about the Swiss/Gibraltarians/Spanish, but hey - isn't that a sport in itself?
Kite Surfing in Tarfia

It's new - it's big (swollen, I think, is the technical term), and it's taking Tarifa by storm. But enough about Simon Hobbs' dancing - lets hear about the next wave of technical sport...

Ten Tips to Better Climbing

If you want to improve your free climbing technique this special feature column by guest contributor Simon Hobbs is a must. WARNING: this article contains explicit photographs of very scared people, some of which children might find amusing.

Summer Skiing - Saas Fee

There's something horribly unnatural about skiing in Europe in August, but against all expectations there was some pretty good snow to be had...

Skiing - Whistler, Canada

In March this year the snow in Switzerland gave out - Tricia and I sorted the problem out by hitting Whistler-Blackcombe to sample the white powder, and also try a bit of skiing. Get the low-down on our crap tour company, Ski Equipe.

Diving - Isla de Cocos, Cost Rica

August 96 saw me travelling half way across the world to visit this idyllic island in the Pacific, renowned world-wide as a gourmet's paradise, providing you're a hammerhead shark, and your idea of a gourmet feast is a moist diver wrapped in a delicate neoprene pastry...