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23 April 2003:
More Updates to the Camel site which take us to Yaounde, Cameroon, with photos from Niger that are worth a look.

22 March 2003:
Updates to the Camel site which take us to Ghana, and hopefully end the period of severe faffing about where my hosting service kept on overwriting the site.

19 January 2003:
Rushed updates to the Australia 2002 pages before everything I visited gets burned to a crisp, including the long awaited Roadkill Album.

19 January 2003
New look opening page with these news bits.

14 January 2003:
Updates to the Camel site.

12 January 2003:
New Camel Rides Again site uploaded after almost twelve minutes of ceaseless hacking through the shell at the local Senegalese Cyber café.

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