ANOTHER year, another continent (or two). I write this after surviving a long and dangerous journey - my personal battle with deep-vein thrombosis set in a series of squalid long haul economy class seats.

Having survived the trials of my journey to
Australia I'm happy to bring you the fruits of my labour in the form of this Barleyesque web-diary

Follow my progress as I try to avoid man eating alligators, man eating Australian girls, and of course the death-grip of the dreaded Koala bear.

Enjoy the random snaps of a demented digital camera user who has discovered that photography is now free, and can therefore be economically employed as an instrument of torture...
Australia 2002
from a concept by Nathan Barney

18 March - Brisbane
21 March - Surfers Paradise

26 March - Sydney
29 March - Blue Mountains to Canberra
1 April - Canberra, the Snowy Mountain and the road to Melbourne

6 April - Tasmania
15 April - The Great Ocean Road and on to Adelaide
18 April - Adelaide to Alice Springs
30 April - Singapore

The Official Australia Roadkill Album

Here are the
old photos

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