These are my personal links, and you will probably find most of them very boring, as I have removed all the really interesting ones.

Oldish Photos

I've dumped a few Carribean, Iceland and Monkey shots taken with my JVC video camera - low quality stuff I'm afraid

May 1996 Edition

The critically acclaimed (as in criticised) May issue. Decide once and for all whether "It's not as funny as it used to be". Enjoy all those old jokes. Wallow in nostalgia of yesteryear. Collapse in mirth at the sight of John Menard's photograph. You get the idea. 

February 1996 Edition

This is where it all started. And it shows.

Gizza Job

For those of you with an appetite for satirical comedy, slander, and downright lies, here's a copy of my CV


An Apology

THE May 1996 edition of this Homepage received the ultimate accolade - a link from the Perot Systems Basel Homepage. This link was withdrawn following a number of complaints about a certain image on the Health page of this edition. The image in question, taken from a Medicine International 07/1988 (Infections) was deemed to be offensive.

The editor would like to apologise for any offence these images might have caused, and obviously this is completely different from censorship.

P.S. I hope they are better now, Chris.

Oooh, is that a blue ribbon at the bottom of your homepage?