WELCOME to the 2001 edition of my homepage.

I'm pleased to announce that I've achieved my promise of regular updates to this page - at the moment we're running at one edition per millennium.

New Homepage - New Job - actually there've been a few contracts along the way, but now I've bitten the bullet and taken a permie position (and I think the lead poisoning may be killing me...)

On the left is a rare shot of Kim sporting a shrunken-head chalk bag. I'm the one holding on tight on the left.

Newsflash - Photo Album is now on-line

I've been in Gibraltar for a couple of years now, and they have been interesting times. Gib can be frustrating in many of the same ways that Switzerland was. In Switzerland everything is rigidly governed by many complex rules that made doing anything a challenge. In Gibraltar they've all gone home for a siesta which makes doing anything impossible.

As, surprisingly enough, nobody here has ever gone postal, they still let us shoot pistols and stuff, which is nice, as long as you aren't a postman. Mind you, I've never actually seen a postman in two years, so I'm a bit dubious about their existence here.  Perhaps they're smart and stay at home; they certainly don't mess about with delivering letters. That would be like expecting the taxi service to run a taxi service.

Gib's other great advantage is that it's got a great climate and superb outdoors opportunities, so I've been able to concentrate on lots more adrenaline sports, such as climbing, kite surfing, and insulting the taxi association.

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