A number of miserable gits pointed out that the May Travel feature was a con because I was actually living in Basel, and therefore it didn't count as actual "travel".
To satisfy these miserable buggers I've been forced to follow an exhausting itinerary of world tourism just to bring you the latest in where to be and what will eat you when you get there.
Australia 2002

Awesome six weeks cut short only because my sister wouldn't move her wedding.

imga0036.jpg (67545 bytes) Tangier

Here's some boring piccies of a couple of big guns that I'm hoping for some response on. Yes, I must be getting very bored indeed - I'm even updating my homepage.

wpe6A.jpg (2262 bytes) Gibraltar

Sophisticated destination of the Mediterranean Smart-Set, Gibraltar also offers shoppers a wonderfully diverse range of goods, some of which are actually different. After a hard days fashion shopping in Top Shop, why not wander up the rock to experience some of nature's glory...

Whistler, Canada

In March 97 the snow in Switzerland gave out - Tricia and I sorted the problem out by hitting Whistler-Blackcombe to sample the white powder, and also try a bit of skiing. Get the low-down on our crap tour company, Ski Equipe.

Oktoberfest 96, Munich

I am relaibly informed that I was, in fact, there. Picture include the infamous "Jim Majewski gets lucky" morning after photo..

Isla de Cocos, Cost Rica

August 96 saw me travelling half way across the world to visit this idyllic island in the Pacific, renowned world-wide as a gourmet's paradise, providing you're a hammerhead shark, and your idea of a gourmet feast is a moist diver wrapped in a delicate neoprene pastry...

Sorry about Oz - loadsa sharks and stuff